Salem Academy of Music & Recording Studio




Web Design & Development

“I hired Geoff Weber to design and build the website for Salem Music. He was fast, efficient, and quick to respond to all of my suggestions. Geoff displayed the innate ability to understand my wants and needs and wasn't shy about making needed suggestions. All in all, the experience working with Geoff exceeded all of my expectations. I was demanding at times, and rushed him at times. He never failed to respond with tact and good humor. His professionalism, combined with the ultimate cost of the product, left me feeling that I got pure value for my investment. I recommend his services to any business or organization needing a polished web presence.”

Brent Bristow - Owner: Salem Music

The Home Page

I created a home page that was simple, and made it easy to any information needed about the studio.

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The Academy

I designed a page that would provide information on the services offered, as well as paint a picture of the educational environment that Salem Music provides.

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