Shane Fero




Web Design & Development

This web site was designed and built for glass artist Shane Fero. In creating this site, Shane and I strove for something that would complement and showcase his artwork appropriately. Shane is a well rounded artist with a wide variety of projets and pursuits in his field. He has taught and exhibited his art worldwide, and we created this site to showcase his many talents and abilities.

The Home Page

Simple and elegant was the route we took when crafting the home page.

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The Gallery

For this page, we needed a layout that was elegant and would make the wide collection of Shane's work easily available at your fingertips. The result struck that balance, and the art is organized by type. The buttons lead to a gallery that dims the background and enlarges the artwork. When all the art in a particular category has been viewed, the photos transition seamlessly to the next type without the need to close out of the gallery.

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